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Insight 2016, Ep10: Sex and Disability (full episode)‬  ‪ Under the covers video two: Love relationships & Intimacy

Sex and disability LacciGreen 

(Sex)abled: Disability Uncensored‬

Disability, Sex, Relationships and Dating Roundtable – Hannah Witton

Sexuality and disability: Forging Identity in a world that leaves you out - Gaelynn Lea 

Young and Disabled – Short series on young people talking about their experience of disability, sexuality and identity (AUS + others)

Jax Jacki Brown: We can be loved. We're worthy of love. (AUS)

As a disabled woman, my abortion wasn’t questioned—but my pregnancy was by Nicole Lee (AUS)

Treating Sexual Dysfunction in patients with MS

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We've Got This: Parenting with a Disability Produced by Eliza Hull ABC Radio

Ladies we need to talk:

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Sex Diaries: 'Just Because I'm In A Wheelchair Doesn't Mean I Don't Want Sex' by Anonymous with Sofie Gallagher

Aruma ( formal house with no steps) Easy english sexuality policy

Kroll, K., Levy Klein, E. (1992) Enabling Romance: A guide to love, sex, and relationships for people with disabilitites(and the people who care about them.)

Kaufman, M., Silverberg, C., & Odette, F. (2003) The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability: for all of us who live with disabilities, chronic pain, and illness: Cleis Press.

Organisations......  SECCA - a non-profit organisation designed to support people with disabilities, in their efforts to learn about human relationships, sexuality and sexual health. 

WHO (2006) Defining sexual health:  report of a technical consultation on sexual health. 28-31 January 2002.  Available: