Old Asian Man

 Occupational Therapy Services

  • Neurological Rehabilitation

  • Activities of daily living assessments

  • Acquired brain injury

  • Equipment prescription

  • Intellectual disability

  • Paediatric & young adults sexuality education

  • Dementia and aged care

  • Professional Supervision


Dear Anita,

I am back home and in bed, basking in the glory that was today’s success.
Thank you so much for making this day a positive and encouraging experience.
If it wasn’t for your expertise as an OT and a genuinely beautiful person, I don’t think we would have had such a brilliant result or my confidence being boosted to a point where I could foresee a future where I can advocate for myself in regards to my health, which, let’s face it, is incredibly complicated.

I wish you a hearty congratulations at a job well done!


(OT Thrive Rehab client) 

Brain Sketch